Property (2013)

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35mm film, 4 min.
An anti-landscape film and a one-two punch.
Subject: the implied and uncontainable expanse of a landscape bought, sold and inhabited.
I was prodded by a proximity to the western landscape. It was where I found myself; I made no claims to it, no promises, no sympathies. I studied the lingo and took my measure. Made in Colorado.

In no other country in the world is the love of property keener or more alert than in the United States.
Alexis deTocqueville, Democracy in America, 1835

WORLD Premiere: The New York Film Festival, /Views From The Avant Garde
-Cinema du Reel Int’l Documentary Festival, Palais du Tokyo, Paris France 2014
-Recontres Internationale Berlin, Haus der Kulturen Welt, Berlin Germany 2014
-Edinburgh International Film Festival, Scotland UK 2014
-EXIS Festival, Seoul, South Korea, 2014