Path of Totality (2017)

Projector performance for 16mm film loop, invented lenses and objects, inspired by the total solar eclipse of August 2017 yet contains no photographic images whatsoever.   Simple objects both concrete and transparent are physically handled producing an expansive projection environment beyond the frame.  Visual concepts of light latency, peripheral vision, and the cosmic imagination are activated and propulsive.  Unsatisfied with photography's ability to render the ineffable light conditions of the solar eclipse,  I replace the solar with the projection system, deliberately creating a work that is not a picture of the physical world,  but could not exist without it.
SOUNDS by the band of poets: Eric Baus, Phil Cordelli, and Oren Silverman, originally performed live at Georgia Art Space, Denver Colorado . 

WATCH A performance excerpt from Microscope Gallery NY, August 2019

GEORGIA ART SPACE, Denver Colorado, Sept 2017
INDEPENDENT FILM SHOW, La Vigna San Martino, Naples Italy, June 2018
THE RUBY THEATRE, Jeanne Liotta: Past, Present, Live, Duke University, Feb 2019
CROSSROADS Festival, our minds were lightyears distant
SF Cinematheque at SFMOMA, June 2019
MICROSCOPE GALLERY, Scrapbook, or Why Cant We Live Together, Bklyn NY Aug 2019
EXPERIMENTS IN CINEMA, Pandemic edition, ABQ NM June 2020