Crosswalk (2010)

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35mm film, 19 min
stereo sound
"Nuyo-realism" from the streets of Manhattan's Lower East Side, Crosswalk is a locative portrait in sound and image, shot at the intersection of home movie and cinema verite. Participation and observation take place on consecutive Good Fridays, highlighting the hybrid urban collage of peoples, cultures, and performances in daily life.

The cinema is an explosion of my love for reality. -Pier Paolo Pasolini

Some people turn around and see a door closing behind them, while others see 20 centuries. -Roberto Rossellini

A R T F O R U M preview by Tony Pipolo

W E X B L O G podcast interview between Wexner Center curator Chris Stults and Jeanne Liotta about the newly completed film Crosswalk (2010)

- The New York Film Festival, /Views From The Avant Garde
- PUNTO DE VISTA International Documentary Festival, Pamplona Spain
- ANN ARBOR Film Festival
- EDINBURGH International Film Festival, UK
-The HARN Museum, University of Florida, Gainesville
- NORTHWEST Film Forum, Seattle WA
- OTHER CINEMA, SF CA "Psychogeographies"