Bradley Eros and Jeanne Liotta


:film melts the door marked "forbidden":

The world is the media of being. Seen and unseen meet. Nothing is unknowable! The body is mystic thought. Medium's manipulation: how it moves. Impermanence. Atomization. To believe images with awareness, is it the same as...own reality? Love's hiding in the light; images hide the mechanics of the door marked "forbidden". What anything spins on mind?
Mystic: direct experience of unity.
equal parts chemistry and machine.
gnostic: direct knowledge of the universe.
media overload, everything that moves is a medium.
We are here to change cinema. Light metal is a field, it's manifestation: philosophical remains.
Not obsolete the human. A chemistry of the world, a machine. Nature's investigation? "The image is the boundary of ideas and information" challenges "matter is maya's medium". All that stands is belief of investigation. Creating our experience of change. The mystery accepted, and yet, within the skin, practice. (Does it mean the mystic to pierce through light or media silence? All phenomena the world?) Mystery in action.
I see this projection the way it works.
What a meditation to reveal it, obscure it,
proves the light!
A medium where body is the place to construct
Film melts on time all illusory perception through using tools. Investigate movement. We will question what spins, for that spin is a means to reveal machines.
Technology myths are true? Different.
Light can be seen by the heavy matter. Unity ever perceives. Explore true ways or I wax.

*note:this text was composed by the cut-up method using the authors' own writings-
"Your very own words indeed! And who are YOU?"--Brion Gysin

originally published in New Observations #94,Fall/Winter 1993 and Cinematograph vol.5,'Sentience' 1993